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Ms. Anonyma Ubiquitous

“Tell me something about yourself!”

Heard this ‘GHISA-PITA’ line before?

STOP conducting interviews using such hackneyed, cliched lines in these rapidly changinThanks Nobel Laureate Mr. Dylan! 🙂 times.

Take professional INFORMED job & career decisions based on actual evidence. Experience the signature PERSONAHR Behavioral Event Interview Program. Indispensable for your leadership & recruitment teams.

The PERSONAHR Services Repertoire


PERSONAHR BEI OPEN ProgramsYes! Get in touch!

PERSONAHR conducts OPEN signature Behavioral Event Interview CERTIFICATION Programs. Ideal for individuals, start ups, SOHO outfits and small hiring teams. Enroll now and attend the next scheduled program. Get in touch NOW!

Organization Process Design

Organization Process Design Yes! Reach out NOW!

Transform your Annual Offsites with PERSONAHR. We help your people orient and integrate with the spirit of your orgranization. From small start-ups to giant organizations – we join the journey and orchestrate the process into an unfolding symphony over years! Yes! Get in touch!

Team Tunes

Team TunesYes! Call us NOW!

Get your people to perform to the tune. Experience the harmony, focus and tap the hunger to achieve your best. PERSONAHR deploys the best methodologies from the performing arts and behavioral sciences to TRANSFORM your teams and create winners. Let’s talk!

Facing the Camera!

Facing the Camera!Yes! Let’s talk NOW!

Make friends with the camera in one day! LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! is a unique PERSONAHR program. Face the CAMERA – confidently! Never stutter, say umm umm or lose your track. Ideal for business leaders, individuals, public figures. Yes! We keep it confidential! Get in touch!

The PERSONAHR InSight Series

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Lessons In Leadership

swirl_seperator_2_gold-4 J.R.D.Tata

The PERSONAHR People Perspective

How we do it

We keep it a SIMPLE PROCESS …
As simple as ONE … TWO … THREE …

One ...

We look at people as PEOPLE. Not as just mere HUMAN RESOURCES. We take a ‘PEOPLE BASED’ approach to work & life situations that simply works! Try it NOW!

Two ...

We speak the language of PEOPLE. No fancy ANGREZI jargon! We tug at the heart and NOT the head. That works best & works wonders! Call us!

And Three ...

At PERSONA HR, we create & design simple processes to INVOLVE people. Akin to any simple song or story! Discover how! Get involved! Call!

The JOKER’s Saga

Someone asks the JOKER …

“Why do you wear a MASK?”

The JOKER replies …

“Everyone wears it you see …

Only mine Is VISIBLE!”

The PERSONA Story Unfolds …

There was a monk who had stayed with Yakusan for three years and served as the head cook.

Once, Yakusan asked him, “Now!At this very moment, right now! How long have you been here?”

“Three years” the monk replied.

“I don’t know your face at all,” said Yakusan.

The monk did not understand what Yakusan meant.

And, out of resentment, left the monastery! …

PERSONAHR reaches out to such monks in the world! Get in touch!

The PERSONAHR Scroll of Honor

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10 C, RACHANA Garden Estate Off Ganeshkhind Road, Aundh PUNE 411007. INDIA.

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